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Savings for the young people in your life

Open a Cub Club Savings account for a young person in your life and you’ll be helping them learn a lifetime of financial independence. Every Cub Club Savings account comes with a Buddy Bear Savings Book and Fun Box filled with great savings tools. Plus, we’ll send your little saver the Buddy Bear newsletter throughout the school year. They’ll even have the chance to earn prizes from the Treasure Box with every deposit.

Want to help them save for a future purchase? Open a Young Savers CD, which earns a great rate of return with terms of up to 36 months.



Open a Cub Club Account Today

    • Saving for the future
    • Quarterly newsletters from Buddy Bear
    • Invitations to fun events

Cub Club

Ages 12 years and younger
$5 deposit to open

Young Savers CD

Ages 12 years and younger
$200 deposit to open
36-month term

Open a Cub Club Account Today

Current Members: Open yours now, call us at 503.397.2376 (toll free:800.275.6434), or stop by any branch.

New to St. Helens Community?: It takes less than 15 minutes to join the Credit Union online. You’re also welcome to call 503.397.2376 (toll free: 800.275.6434) or stop by any branch.

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