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The foundation for every St. Helens Community member

Regular Savings

mom and daughter with piggy bank

Your St. Helens Community membership starts with the Regular Savings account. Use it for something important or open a second one for something specific.
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Money Market Account

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

It doesn’t take a Wall Street insider to open a Money Market Account. All it takes is your St. Helens Community membership and a minimum deposit.
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Christmas Club Savings

Family giving presents for Christmas

Plan ahead for the holidays with automatic deposits to this special account. Then, make your withdrawal and start shopping.
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Share Certificate

family smiling and embracing

A Share Certificate (similar to a Certificate of Deposit or CD) is a great, and secure, way to save a lump sum of cash for a later date – and enjoy a higher fixed rate of return in the process.
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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Happy Senior Couple on the Bow of a Sail Boat

Retiring well and planning ahead go hand in hand. Give your retirement a NCUA insured boost with an IRA from your credit union.
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Health Savings Account (HSA)

Doctor with patient in clinic consulting

The world of healthcare can be a bit confusing and expensive. Plan ahead for rising co-pays and other healthcare costs with a Health Savings Account.
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Cub Club Savings

Happy boy at the table with money

Learning about money and finances is fun when you have the right tools. The Cub Club Savings account is specially designed for young kids and parents too.
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