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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your relationship to St. Helens Community Credit Union?

St. Helens Community Credit Union partnered with CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS), a registered broker dealer, to better serve their members.  I am both an employee of the Credit Union, and a CFS Financial Advisor.  CFS serves credit unions across the nation.  This partnership allows St. Helens Community Credit Union to provide financial planning and investment solutions to their members.  Your accounts and discussions with me are completely confidential and supervised by CFS.  Your funds are never commingled with the Credit Union.

What type of clients do you accept, and how do you help them?

I help hardworking families here in Columbia County who know the value of a dollar and are willing to commit themselves to the difficult task of achieving a work-optional lifestyle.  This allows them more choices in retirement, such as spending time with their family or taking a dream vacation.  I have developed and refined a process that puts the pieces of the puzzle together to help achieve this goal for my clients.  My services are available to Credit Union members only.

What can I expect?

My first step is to meet with you to discover if you are the type of client I described.  Once I am clear about your unique financial life, I will design a specific, long-term plan for you.  We will then meet a second time and discuss how it will be implemented.  But that is not the end.  As your life changes over the years, we will meet often to make adjustments to your strategy.  And once you are a client, I make myself available to your family and friends whenever they need financial guidance.

Why shouldn’t I just do it myself?

It’s important to seek advice from professionals because of their knowledge and experience.  The 2015 Putnam Investments Lifetime Income Score SM Research Report (Research from Empower Institute is available at www.empower-institute.org) found that Americans with a paid financial advisor are estimated to be able to replace 82% of their pre-retirement income, while those without an advisor are expected to be able to replace just 55%.

How do you get paid?

This will be addressed during our second meeting, when I have tailored a plan to help fit your needs.  The meeting with me is complimentary, and I believe in transparency and full disclosure when it comes to fees.  You will know what you are paying
and when.

Do I have to be a member of the Credit Union to take advantage of your services?

Yes, but becoming a member is fast, easy and has many benefits.  Membership in the credit union is available to individuals that live, work, attend school, volunteer, or worship in Columbia, Clatsop and Cowlitz Counties and Sauvie Island, Oregon.  This also includes individuals with immediate family who are existing credit union members. Immediate family is considered to be: spouse, child, step-child, grandchild, parent, step-parent, grandparent, or sibling.

Is there a catch?

Absolutely not.  St. Helens Community Credit Union provides this service to our members, giving you access to the many investment choices offered by CFS.  Just remember, the cost of waiting can make a large impact on your future wealth.  Why not get started today?