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Moms Rule the World

We’ve put together a list of resources to help moms like you get the most from your time and money, including financial education to put your budget on track, college within reach, and more.

Truth be told, quite a few of us at St. Helens Community are moms too. So if you find an event or resource you’d like to share with other moms, let us know on Facebook, call 503.397.2376 (toll free 800.275.6434) or stop by any branch.

Cub Club Savings

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Open a Cub Club Savings account for a young person in your life and you’ll be helping them learn a lifetime of financial independence. They’ll even have the chance to earn prizes from the Treasure Box with every deposit.

Teen Savings

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It’s tough sometimes, but we really do love teens. That’s why we offer Teen Savings. Open an account for a young person in your life, and we’ll share everything we know about money, credit, and long-term savings. We’ll also give them access to Googolplex, an online tool designed to get teens excited about money, finances, and their future.

Christmas Club Savings

Family giving presents for Christmas

Instead of maxing out the credit cards or pushing your budget to the limit this holiday season, plan ahead with automatic deposits to your Christmas Club Savings account. Then, when the holidays roll around, withdrawal the funds to add some sparkle to your holidays.

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Saving for College

College is expensive, especially with rising tuition rates, books and the need for faster and better computers. You can make college a little more affordable by planning ahead with several savings and investment options designed to be simple and risk free.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

Show us your equity and we’ll help you find the funds you need to plan a vacation, remodel your home, or pay for college. A St. Helens Community home equity line of credit features affordable payments that allow you to achieve your goals with no origination fees, easy access to your funds, and interest that may be tax deductible.

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When it’s time to get savvy with your money, one of the best places to start is with your credit score. SavvyMoney is a free member resource designed to work with your financial life, showing you how your credit is doing and how to improve it. Did we mention it’s free. Check out Savvy Money now.