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Educational Powers of a Student Branch

St Helens Community believes in providing financial education to everyone within the community. One way we do that is by running and coordinating a student branch at St. Helens High School, Scappoose High School as well as Rainier Jr/Sr High School, where teens learn important skills and earn some pay along the way.

What is a Student Branch?
A student branch reaches far beyond just providing basic financial education to students. Having a student branch provides the opportunity for students to learn how a financial institution operates and what it takes to be successful in the real business world, including team activities, performance reviews, and more.

The students are required to meet standards to get hired, complete training, operate the branch, and make presentations, all while conducting themselves in a mature, professional manner, and adhering to the following:

  • Meet academics requirements, prior to applying for the position and must maintain these standards while employed
  • Complete a job application, cover letter and resume’
  • Complete a job interview
  • Complete and pass drug testing
  • Complete 2 weeks of one-on-one training
  • Complete assigned CPD (online work modules) courses that cover regulations that apply to their job duties
  • Complete additional member service training with a seasoned staff member as a shadow


We’re Proud of Our Student Tellers
And so are their parents, teachers, future college admission boards, and more. The benefits of being a student teller go far beyond attaining new job skills. Those who take on the responsibility add a lot to their resume.